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While IPF is five times more common than cystic fibrosis and Lou Gehrig's Disease (or ALS), the disease is often misdiagnosed or under-diagnosed. IPF remains virtually unknown and receives a fraction of the research funding. Raising awareness of IPF is crucial to our mission as it impacts those we care about most: IPF patients and their care partners.


Raising Awareness

PA-IPF Awareness 2 (Facebook Post)

Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month and Pennsylvania Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Campaign

Many organizations and networks have worked to bring awareness to IPF and those it affects. The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation has designated September as Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month. During this global month-long awareness campaign, the PFF provides resources aimed at educating patients, caregivers, and providers about this rare disease.


IPF Community Awareness Events

Presented by: Dr. Marie Budev, DO, MPH, FCCP Medical Director of Lung Transplant at Cleveland Clinic UNOS OPTN Lung Transplantation Committee Chair
When: Tuesday, March 19, 2024
Time: 12:00 pm-1:30 PM EST

The Coopersburg 5K Run for Pulmonary Fibrosis is hosted by Wescoe Foundation for Pulmonary Fibrosis each Memorial Day weekend in Coopersburg, PA. The event raises awareness and educates the public about pulmonary fibrosis. This 5K is embarking on a 18-year-effort to continue the mission of providing education, support, and resources for the pulmonary fibrosis community.

We would like to invite you to come and enjoy yourself at this fourth annual IPF community awareness event.  The PF Awareness Golf Outing is to help raise awareness, educate and support patients and carepartners while living with this rare, serious lung disease.

Going on 19 years, the Wescoe Walk for Pulmonary Fibrosis, held annually in Bethlehem, PA, was initiated for all families living with pulmonary fibrosis to find the support and resources that are needed to help navigate this serious lung disease. The pulmonary fibrosis community has found solace in knowing that they are not alone while walking and breathing together.

The PFF Walk Program is a special opportunity to unite the pulmonary fibrosis community and raise funds to fund crucial research and programs for patients, their caregivers, and loved ones. Each year, communities from across the nation come together to raise funds and build local awareness about pulmonary fibrosis

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